Scalini, the top restaurant in Dubai serves an Italian enticing menu

Scalini embraces the start of the New Year with a fresh and enticing new menu of special dishes. Available throughout January, the specially curated plates are inspired by the stunning regions of Italy and pay tribute to the culinary heritage, majestic ingredients, and gastronomic landscape the country has to offer.


Starting in the northern city of Modena, renowned as the epicentre of Italian cuisine, Scalini serves an antipasto of Crudo Di Tonno Marinato. The tantalising dish envelops intricately sliced raw Tuna, marinated with fresh lemon, topped with sweet & ripe tomatoes, and drizzled with Modena’s famous black gold – balsamic vinegar. The main course of Orecchiette Allo hails from Puglia. The Orecchiette pasta is the symbol of this southern region and is indulgently handmade and prepared with a rich and flavoursome tomato sauce, completed with melted Buffalo Stracciatella cheese, and garnished with fresh basil leaves.


Scalini’s Gamberoni Reali Grigliati Con Cous-Cous Alla Mediterranea is a satisfyingly delicious option. Originating from the southern baroque island of Sicily, lauded for its seafood, the dish features succulently grilled Carabineros king prawns on a bed of perfectly cooked Mediterranean style couscous. The Babà Napoletano is Naples most beloved sweet treat. Soft and fluffy cake-like pastry, soaked in syrup, glazed with apricot jam, and served with cream and fresh fruit, perfectly completes Scalini’s epicurean feast.