As the quaint elevator to Scalini opens to a courtyard, you’ll notice the pristine white tablecloths, blue chairs, and low-hanging lemon trees – in a nod to Italy and its fine-dining institutions.

We approached the hostess at the door, where she took our temperature before showing us to our table – perfectly positioned opposite the kitchen with its fabulous, hunger-inducing aromas. They have the same pre-corona layout, although every other table features an elegant frame asking you to refrain from sitting here. And as soon as we took our seats, the waiter was on hand with sanitiser before offering us the menus to pour over.

The attentive staff, wearing their gloves and face masks of course, were on hand to make suggestions, recommending we start with the calamari alla luciana, a flavoursome squid in tomato sauce with garlic and chili, along with the house favourite and generously sized, burrata con datterini. For mains we decided on the linguine al granchio, characterised with delicious king crab and datterino tomatoes, along with a traditional rocket, cherry tomatoes and parmesan salad and side of zucchini fries and broccolini with chili and garlic.

To end the meal, we chose the alcohol-free tiramisu, which was the ideal ratio of aromatic coffee and creamy mascarpone cheese, and left a sweet sensation lingering on the palate. As we let the delectable delights set, we took in our surroundings, noticing the walls are clad with frames filled with Italian iconography and infamous guests, just like they do in the European country. The refined atmosphere was bustling with chatter among friends, all enjoying a safe evening out on the town.