Chef Pasquale prepares fresh mozzarella from Burrata to Treccia to Bocconcini at Scalini Dubai

This Mother’s Day, Scalini celebrates all the mammas with an authentic Neapolitan evening of live music by Tony Cossentino and magical fresh mozzarella making.


On Tuesday 21st March, Scalini welcomes friends, family and loved ones to revel in an evening steeped in Neapolitan heritage and tradition with a tantalising live mozzarella preparation and a special performance from renowned neo melodical singer Tony Cossentino. Throughout the month of March, the restaurant celebrates the arrival of spring with an exquisite menu of specially curated dishes that exude the essence of primavera and an exhilarating evening of entertainment to honour Mother’s Day.


From 7pm guests can indulge in Scalini’s signature dishes alongside the special menu that pays tribute to the gastronomical regions of Italia and welcomes the warmth and hope of spring renewal. Throughout the Neapolitan night, guests can also experience the wonder of traditional mozzarella preparation, hosted, and crafted by the pioneering and artisanal cheese producers Italian Dairy Factory.


A true delight for the eyes and senses, as expert cheesemakers showcase the intricate craftmanship of creating the varying delights of Italy’s white gold. From classic Fiore di Latte with a sweet and delicate flavour, Bufala – offering a tangy and creamy taste and prized for pizza toppings, stringy Stracciatella ideal for spreading on fresh bread, delicious Scamorza, beautiful Bocconcini pearls, and the ultimate buttery king of cheese, Burrata, diners will be mesmerised with the mouth-watering demonstration of heating, stretching, kneading, and spinning curd to create the magic that is mozzarella.


Serenading diners with his soulful and unique vocals, renowned Neapolitan maestro Tony Cossentino will perform a repertoire of famed semantic melodies from the city founded on song. Including the world iconic rendition of O Sole Mio, which originated from evocative city of Naples, as well as other illustrious and classic Italian songs, Tony will dazzle guests with his charming acapella performance, ensuring an evening filled with mesmerizing and uplifting ambiance and encapsulating wanderlust.  Completing the evening in true Neapolitan style, guests will be complimented a slice of Pastiera Napolotena. The classic Italian dolci comprises of fragrant pastry, filled with creamy ricotta, and candied citrus fruit and perfectly ends the gastronomic affair on a sweet note.


The specially curated Spring menu features delicately seared Scallops, enveloped with a rich Lemon & Potato Cream, and adorned with decadent Black Truffle – heralding from the pinnacle of Italy’s truffle tradition – Umbria. To follow, Scalini serves a beloved Neapolitan treat of Aquerello Rice Timbale with Wagyu Ragout, Meatballs, the region’s famed Mozzarella, and fresh peas. Heralding from the Italian capital itself and a symbol of Roman cuisine is a succulent Grilled Veal Fillet, encrusted in black olives and served with tomato, capers, basil and white balsamic vinegar. Travelling to sun-drenched Sicily for a sweet end to the meal, guests can relish the ultimate Lemon Curd Profiteroles, drenched in lemon pastry cream, and crowned with caramelised pistachios.